My Photography

On the Mission Field

One of the spiritual practices I deeply enjoy is photography.  Yes, it is a spiritual practice for me.  Taking photos gives me the opportunity to get out of my head and focus on the important things in life –  the beauty of the earth,  the people, and the grace of God.  I get to search for God’s creative touch through the lens of my camera and see God in ways I’ve never recognized before.  It is breathtaking, rewarding, and simply beautiful.

Photography has been a healing grace for me as well.  When life got difficult, I used photography to get out of my head and find God when it was tough to see through the darkness.  I found God all over again when I reflect on the finished photographs.  I can write about my experience and what God was teaching me through that moment when I found God in the lens.  Photography allows me to BE in the moment and what a gift that is.

IMG_1681You will see some of my work throughout my posts.  Many posts are inspired by the work that I do with the photography and are posted to share that inspiration with you.  Enjoy them as you wish.  Find God in the midst.  See what I see. See what God wants you to see.  I do ask that you respectfully keep them here so that they may serve the purposes intended.  Thank you.

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