Debates and Hurricanes and a Change of Heart

I watched the debate last night and i have my thoughts about it. I keep wanting to post or “share” something on Facebook about it but in-between the thoughts, memes, and factchecks, I see posts and photos about my state of North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew. I see Tar River inching up by the minute. I see more roads closing or worse, collapsing. Every time I want to post something about the debate, I think about my friends at work who need to be sure they got home to their babies. When I see posts about the debate, I’m reminded about the families having to be rescued from their rooftops. I think about all the families and students having to evacuate their homes. I think about the families of one who fend for themselves, leave home by themselves and have nobody to come home to. I think about the families who survived Hurricane Floyd and are brought to tears and PTSD thinking about that nightmare returning with Matthew.

Every time I think about posting or making a remark about the debate, I think about all the folks that work at the hospital who had to risk their lives to be here to take care of others. I think about my friend, a principal of a local high school, who opened the school today as a shelter.  I think about the Greenville Police Dept, the Fire and Rescue teams, the linemen, the first responders, and all who are risking their lives to free people, to get them to safety, to help them to higher ground, to help evacuate the retirement community that’s right on the river….this is all I can think about. It’s too much to think about but it’s right there in front of me. Add the anger, hostility, judgment, and vitriol from the election and I can’t take it. 

Go ahead and post what you want. Go ahead and think of me in whatever way you want because of who I am voting for but understand this……my heart aches and seeing people sacrificing in ways two people running for president will never be able to comprehend, reminds me of the humanity, courage, strength and the loss and pain in the midst of all the chaos and judgment. I can’t change your mind about who you will vote for or what you think of me but I can change my heart, cast my vote and remember what’s more important at this point in time.

img_9367When you post memes, make comments about candidates and judge their constituents, please add a prayer at the same time. Pray for North Carolina. If I read the numbers correctly, Hurricane Matthew caused 20 deaths and 11 of them were in North Carolina. Pray for my town of Greenville, for Eastern North Carolina and every place hurt by Hurricane Matthew. The storm is gone but the aftermath will remain for quite some time…and I pray the courage and strength will, too.

God bless Haiti. Please give them mercy, grace and hope.

P.S. The political storm will be gone on November 9th. What will remain in the aftermath of your heart?

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