A Nurse’s Blessing

For the incredible nurses who give more than they are given, may this be a blessing for you.


Knowing the Lord has blessed the journey you traveled to get here today, may this journey become the foundation for what will be tomorrow.

May the laughter and the tears, the long days and sleepless nights, the pleasure and the pain, the presentations and exams, the clinicals and the labs, may they all bear bountiful fruit for the nurse you will become.

May the mountains you climbed and the valleys you crawled out of; build the strength of your courage to face whatever comes your way.

May the experiences you went through set the tone of your voice because you will be the one speaking for the patients in your care. May that voice also stand for the person inside of you.

May the friendships and memories you made be forever in your heart when the 12 hours shifts feel like 40 hour stand stills. You will need those memories to get you through.

And may the family and loved ones that were sacrificed for this night, be worth all that you are feeling at this moment in time. Look out in front of you, to see and feel just how proud they are of you right now.

You now stand before me with your pin, uniform, lamp and light.

May the pin you wear be the Badge of Honor for all that you accomplished to reach beyond your dreams and set your place in the world. May it remind you of what you were called to do and the preparation it took to get here today.

May the uniform that you wear protect you as your shield. Wear it proudly, stand tall and never let it bring you down. May it carry you through the physical demands of your work and may it protect you from the thankless moments that will indeed be in your way.

May the lamp that you carry be forever placed deep within your mind. May it remain full of all that you studied and all that you will learn as science is an ever changing demand of your work and time. May you remember these medicines, techniques and figures because they will indeed help you save lives.

May the flame you light be forever placed in your heart and flicker full of your passion and strength. May the light that you feel remind you of the warmth and compassion that will be needed to balance out the science of your patient care. And may the patients see the light within you, to bring hope to their darkest days.

May the light you hold never be forever extinguished, even on YOUR darkest of days. And when your light does go out, when your passion is low, and you know as well as I do that it just might happen, let the fuel of all that you have done refill the reservoir of who you are to everyone you will meet. You are called to be here, to be who you are and it will take every drop of your blood, sweat and tears to keep your light shining brightly and I have no doubt it will.

And as I bless your hands and bless this call that you have answered, remember above all else the blessing that you will be to the patients, to the families, to your brothers and sisters in nursing. May you feel all those blessings in return, may those blessings fill your lamp, pour into your soul and bless you on this day and the years to come. Amen.

Written by Rev. Linda C. Moore © 2014

Note: This blessing was written to present at the Pinning Ceremony for Nursing Graduates at Pitt Community College, Greenville, North Carolina.  Please do not take without permission.

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