It’s a Dark Place

It’s a Dark Place
Can’t to go through it alone
Some days, not even possible
To make it to the other side.
Push through with all that is mighty and strong
Even when it hurts with it’s own will and strength
To go through this wilderness is gut-wrenching
It’s dreadful beyond compare

Comes when least expected, yet comes right on time
Looking up or ahead is difficult to do
The darkness surrounds and suffocates
Every little crevasse and crack there is
Not a care in the world
Will make the trip any better
Except time. Space. Tears. Darkness. Fear. Isolation.
Patience. Hurt. Reality. Denial. And Fear again.

There are times when death becomes a wish
When the world seems worlds away
Hoping against hope to get through the night
Even when it is as bright as the sun and ice
To this day, there is little human understanding
On how one gets through the storm

The one Person, the one Soul
That was right there through it all
Never left me even when I dropped
Every known contact I had
God, I lost it all, I threw it all away
Those lines that kept me connected to you

Then I looked and I knew, you reminded me over and over
That’s when you carried me through and through
I don’t remember days and nights
They become a blur to me, to this day
I was alone, without anyone else
They continued on and left me behind
Yet you were there, through every step and every fall;
Through every painful stone along the way

You carried me through the pain
The struggle and the grief
You kept going, through it all
Holding me close to your heart
Wiping away my tears and bringing in the light
Even when I couldn’t see beyond the shadows
I certainly didn’t deserve it, but you loved then
and you love me now, even more
Your love makes this dark place
survivable, yet once again.

(c) Linda C. Moore, 2014

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