Eleventh Day of Christmastide, Sunday

Sabbath. Simple Sabbath. This 11th day included sleeping in, watching my home church on the internet and doing laundry. Which incidentally, is still in the dryer.

Preparing for a long week I rested. I also did some creative prayer time with my journal and markers. And not to outdo God, in my quiet prayer before falling asleep, God reminded me of my shortcomings. I was so worried about spending time in fellowship with people, to keep that connection and heart.  Then God reminded me it might not be a bad idea to spend more time with God. And God said, “Why don’t you try spending more time with Me?” The truth hurts, Linda, but it just might make you a better person.

May it be so, God. May it be so.

Sabbath and Shortcomings on the Eleventh Day.

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