Eighth Day of Christmastide, Frozen and Sleep

The Eighth Day of Christmastide – New Year’s Day

IMG_4419I had a day off because it was a holiday.  That’s pretty much all I need to say.  Working as a trauma chaplain for six and a half months without a day off wears one down.  It’s part of the probationary period. I am running on fumes now and doing what i can to sustain my work for another week.  The day off didn’t make too much of a difference in my rest because I didn’t get any rest this past weekend.  i traveled home for a quick Christmas.  I did what I could to see my family and they did what they could in return.  It was quick and i am tried.  So having yesterday to sleep in helped.  Don’t worry. I finally get to have some time off in a couple of weeks.

On this 8th Day, I also treated myself to the movies. I went to the movies a lot back home. Since being in Greenville, I’ve only been twice – counting yesterday.  I needed something fun and simple, that didn’t require too much thinking on my part.  Friends recommended the Disney movie “Frozen”.   It was a great Disney movie, elsawith one big exception – the role of the HERO was NOT played by a PRINCE, not by a GUY!! How totally against the Disney norm is that????!!!!  The movie is about two sisters, (which I desperately wish I had one of them) and I can say this without giving anything away, but THEY are the heros.  It’s a refreshing change to see in the Disney films!

What i didn’t anticipate was the fact that I had to do some thinking.  There were parts in the film that resonated with me in ways i wasn’t expecting. I am going to be vague right now about it because I am still contemplating what I witnessed and how it pierced straight into my heart like an icicle.  Just know it is a great movie for all ages.

All i will say right now is you need to see it, especially if you are a girl, especially with sisters, especially well……just see it.   Until then, see the trailer below.

“Some people are worth melting for.”

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