There’s One Person You Can Change

Sixth Day of Christmastide

I have to say; yesterday’s blessing was a bittersweet revelation.   When I was in counseling, I had a counselor who gave me his most worthwhile advice in two questions; “How long have you been trying to change them? And how’s that working for you?”   His voice still rings in my ears and memories.

Yesterday I built up some courage to share  information that I hadn’t shared in a very long time.  As many of you have probably experienced, it’s hard to share difficult information as well as express feelings and emotion.  It’s hard to do when you’ve done it before and it backfired, over and over again.  You don’t want to do it after you get hurt over and over.   What happened with me is the fact that I was expecting something in return, over and over. IMG_0758

If there is anything I learned from my counselor as well as my years studying Bowen Systems Theory it’s this, you have no control over anybody else but yourself.  You have no control over their response.  You have no power in all your might to change anybody but yourself.  The only power you have is the power to change who you are and how you respond.

The information I shared helped me to let go of some things I’ve encountered for years and nobody knew but me.  When I made the decision to share information, I also made the decision not to have any expectations on the response.  You know what? I got the same response I’ve gotten for the same number of years.  Now, I’m not disappointed.

So as the Sixth Day of Christmastide came to a close last night, I was proud of myself as I continue to grow and know that I will be ok.

Sixth Day of Christmastide, some things never change. At least I am.

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