Four Brothers for the Fourth Day of Christmastide

Fourth Day of Christmastide

brothersI got to see my brothers yesterday, all three of them.  Did you know that all three of them are older than me?  Should I tell you how much older?  I better not.  Well, I love them dearly.  The three of them are quite different but they all have one wonderful blessing in common, ME.  They have a sweet, delightful, loving, and wonderful little sister.  I don’t know how they got to be so lucky.  Even though I was a “surprise mistake,” and they kept telling me I was adopted, I know they think I am adorable.  I’m sure they do. I’m pretty sure.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

It was a blessing to be able to see them and get hugs from them.  Due to circumstances out of my control, I didn’t get to see very much of them this Christmas, just for a couple of hours yesterday.  How I wish I could have spent more time with them.  And the fact that I can’t get to Richmond very much makes it harder.  I just hope they know how much I love them, pray for them, wish I could see more of them, and hope for the very best for them.

Then I heard a wonderful story from my niece Lindsay. She is four years younger than her older brother Braxton.  She is a little sister too, but she only has one big brother.  She was telling us how protective Braxton is of her.  Braxton graduated from high school last year and Lindsay is a freshman this year.  She has this thing for boys now.  Poor thing. I wish I could warn her about men. They are just going break hearts.  Shoot, as pretty as Lindsay is, she is going to be the one breaking the hearts.

Anyway, she told this great story about how Braxton always seems to show up when IMG_1302Linz is out with her friends, especially her male friends.  There have been settle (not so settle) threats made to anyone who comes near her. Those threats may have involved bullets from his hunting gear and how fast they can move after 11:00 pm.  He apparently has a reputation at school with the other guys who try to mess with his sister.   When they find out who she is, caution flags immediately go up. LOL!   These stories cracked us all up.  But at the same time, I had tears in my eyes.  It was one of the most wonderful stories I’ve ever heard.  How incredibly lucky she is to have a brother like Braxton.

Four brothers, for the Fourth Day of Christmastide…

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