Can You Hear A Candle?

Third Day of Christmastide

Have you ever listened to a candle?  It is such a peaceful sound.  In order to hear it, you have to be still. You have to be quiet.  The world has to stop.

Last night was a chance for me to decompress from a challenging week at the hospital.  It was a chance to sit still before I head to Richmond for a very quick Christmas and then turn around in 24 hours to come back for another challenging week.  I had to make the opportunity to sit still. IMG_2436

Inspired by my time with Advent, I put together this new centerpiece with materials I already had. And of course I had to light it to see how it looked.  The flicker of the candles, the foundation of the blues, the pouring of the sand, the adding of the seashells were are all reflective pieces that remind me of my peaceful places.

I sat still last night and listened to the candle. I can’t even describe to you what I heard. You have to experience that for yourselves.  Then I placed my hands gently over the flame.  I felt the candle.  The slightest bit of scent gives a nice fragrance, so I could smell the candle.  The warmth of the wax allowed me to feel the candle. Don’t worry. I didn’t taste it.  But you can see what I had to do to be centered, focused and intentional about being still.

That was my Third Day of Christmastide.IMG_2443


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