First Day of Christmastide

In the church liturgical year, Christmastide is the 12 days of celebrating Christmas, Jesus’ birth and preparing for Epiphany.  Most people know it as the 12 Days of Christmas.  When people think Christmas is over on December 26 and shut down all the decorations and such, I like to remind folks that Christmas is just beginning on December 25th.

Last year I wrote about the blessings I received each day, the gifts I received IMG_2826following the presents I got on Christmas Day.  I want to do the same this year, especially in light of all that’s happened over the past twelve months. I haven’t even had my 2013 “Christmas” yet. That comes this weekend. So why not begin with the blessings first.  Here was yesterday’s gift.

I was too tired last night to think and write this entry, but it is easy to recognize what good happened on the First Day of Christmastide.

Yesterday was Christmas Day and I worked at the hospital.  Many people thanked us for sacrificing our family time and holiday celebration to work.  It may have looked like a sacrifice but it really wasn’t.  As I shared text messages with a friend on Christmas Eve, I mentioned the humbled feelings of being a “holy presence” for patients, families and staff on this day.  As followers of Christ celebrated the birth of Jesus and families all around the world celebrated time together, I stood at bedside to provide prayers and comfort for the those grieving, for the traumas that came in, for those unable to be with families on this day and for the one who said goodbye to his family went to his Heavenly home.  I had to respond to a little boy’s voice when he asked, “Will you take care of my big brother?” It was quite a day.

It was a treat to say Merry Christmas and hello to the nurses, doctors, care partners, and unit secretaries of SICU and SIU, as well as the docs of trauma, Drs Bard and Goettler.  How incredibly lucky and blessed I have been these six months to be able to work with such talented and compassionate people. We were all together yesterday as family. We were together and united, for such a worthy cause.

I had a job yesterday and celebrated the end of my six-month probation.  More than a job though, I was reminded of how honored and humbled I am to be doing what I am doing.  People outside of these hospital walls were celebrating life and we were inside doing what we could to bring comfort to the lives we held here.

On this day, when all was suppose to be perfect in the world, it wasn’t.

And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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