For Pastors and Chaplains, “Thank You” Can Go a Long Way

Since I am no longer serving in a church, I feel this sense of freedom to speak on behalf of the pastors and associate pastors that serve in congregations around the country.  And while I’m at it, I will speak on behalf of the chaplains who serve too.

October is National Pastor Appreciation Month.  This is the month designated to show your appreciation to the people who have dedicated their lives serving God through vocational ministry. Although, I don’t believe October is the only time churches ought to say “thank you” to their pastors and associate pastors, this particular month has national recognition and needs to be celebrated.  Pastors are required to celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers and brunches, Independence Day with flags and hymns, and Halloween with trunks of treats. Churches can show their appreciation and celebrate pastors and associate pastors with love and thanksgiving.

I’ve always said, We are not called into ministry to glorify ourselves. We are called into ministry to glorify God. However, it does a servant so much to hear “Thank you” from the very people that God led them to.  Please show your appreciation for your pastors and ministers this month. Please show your encouragement and support. Please show your love.

Pastoral/Spiritual Care Week

If I may be so bold – in conjunction with Pastor Appreciation Month, this coming week (October 21-25) is recognized as Pastoral/Spiritual Care Week for institutions and organizations to recognize the people that are the spiritual care providers in your body.  So if you are a part of an institution or organization that employees chaplains, please take a minute or two to stop them in the hallway, during rounds, on the campus lawns, in the chapel, and in your prayer time to say “thank you”.  We don’t do what we do for the earthly recognition, but is sure does feel good when we feel the love.

A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

Thank you.

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1 Response to For Pastors and Chaplains, “Thank You” Can Go a Long Way

  1. Ron Smith says:


    Thank you for all the good work you have done, continue to do, and will be doing in the future. The chaplain’s work that you do is very important and I am sure that it is much appreciated by those that you serve in your chaplain’s position. Take care and best wishes to you.

    Ron and Kay Smith

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