September 11th Happens Every Single Day

Remembering 9/11 today and what happened 12 years ago. It happened because a man hated us and didn’t like what we represented as a nation, or as a group.

We were blessed with loyal police, fire fighters, military, rescue workers, families and others who responded diligently. We were blessed to have so much support and effort from all the corners of the world to be able to rebuild in the midst of the grief and pain.

May we remember that it was an act of hate, power and control that attacked the United States on this day twelve years ago.

May we remember how we came together as a nation to support one another through that hate and pain.

May we go back to that same compassion and support we felt twelve years ago, so we can help one another to eradicate the hate, control, and power that is practiced in our very own United States.

May we remember that 9/11 happens every single day in other countries around this very world we are a part of.  May be remember that 9/11 happens in this nation we call the “United” States.  It may not kill 4000 people with airplanes, but it does kill and it brings with it great pain and agony.

May God bless all the world on this day, with peace and a hope for tomorrow. May we as a united nation use our gifts to help bring that peace and hope to one and all.

I pray that others will be as fortunate as we are, with our assistance and not our power.

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One Response to September 11th Happens Every Single Day

  1. tamara witte says:

    I shared your words with my residents this morning for our morning meditation. Thank you.

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