Letters Can Make the World a Little Better

letterI wrote a letter a couple of days ago.  You know those things that were a part of our communication efforts years ago?  Paper, pen, envelope and stamp are all you need to make it happen. You don’t need electricity, WiFi, a wireless connection, five bars, or even a cord.

I made a goal for myself to write at least four letters a month. There are various reasons for it.  See what happened when i wrote this first one and you might see why I made this a goal.

I had a chance to get off the computer and do some writing.  That writing allowed me to communicate with a good friend of mine, just like we were having a conversation over a cup of coffee.   I wrote part of it during a quiet time at work.  That gave me a chance to decompress from some events earlier in the day.  I took four pages to share some good information with someone who has been my cheerleader and friend. I finished the letter that night and it gave me another great opportunity to stay away from the computer again.   This exercise of writing to a good friend was quite meditative.  I found something that gets me out of my head and a chance to give to someone else.

And let’s think about what writing a letter does for the recipient.  Imagine going to your mailbox and grabbing your mail.  You sift through the bills and the junk mail, wishing you could get rid of them in some way.  Then you come across this envelope.  The address in the corner looks familiar and if the writer puts her name, you get a smile on your face. (well, at least I hope so).  This isn’t a bill.  This isn’t junk mail.  I wonder what it is.  You open it up and find a wonderfully written 4-page letter, if I do say so myself.  Someone took the time and commitment to sit down and write you a letter.  Then she took the time to address the envelope, put a stamp on it and place it in the mailbox.  If you were the recipient, how would you feel?  It has to give you a good feeling, right?  It’s a precious gift.  At least it was to me. I hope it will be for the recipient.

Oh, and when I placed the letter in the envelope, I wrote on the flap that the recipient was prayed for during the writing and thoughts were being sent in their direction.   And they were.

Maybe we should go back in time a little bit.  Maybe in the piles of technological communicative advancements, we can take some time away from the mountain and sit down with a pad of paper and a pen.   The text messages are good.  The emails are great and the Facebook posts are fun.  However, a pen, paper, prayer and a stamp (Is there a “P” word for stamp?) can really make a difference in someone’s life.  It made a difference in mine and I only wrote the letter. Imagine the difference it will make for the one who receives it.

Paul wrote 13 epistle letters.  Those letters made it to the churches.  And those letters reached out to many people, including you and me.  Seems to me that it’s a good practice to have in order to share something important and meaningful.  In all of Paul’s letters, he greets the reader with, “Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”  What a way to greet your friend.  What a way to receive it, too.

Writing a letter just might make the world a little better. Won’t you join me?



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1 Response to Letters Can Make the World a Little Better

  1. julie ball says:

    “P” word for stamp = postage!

    Last year, I made myself a long list of goals. Writing a certain number of letters was one… as was exercising so many minutes per week and lots of other stuff… I think the only goal I actually accomplished was to read so many books. This year I didn’t make any such specific goals, but one of my goals was/is simply to write. Maybe it’s time to pull out the stationery again.

    Dr. Bridges said in NT class that the only reason Paul is responsible for so much of our theology today (rather than someone else) is that he wrote. There is definitely something sacred in writing down what you think, feel, and believe, and something sacred in sharing those words. Paul is certainly proof that writing letters can change the world! 🙂

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