I Am Still Angry. A Prayer for Change.

I wake up this morning still angry.  My mind and my heart cannot get away from the events of what happened last night.  Zimmerman was found not guilty.  I know this verdict doesn’t mean he is innocent.  It means that the prosecution could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt this man deserved a sentence.

It happens.  Money won?  Zimmerman had more money than Marissa Alexander to have a proper “Stand Your Ground” defense. He won. She lost. She is serving 20 years in prison for self-defense against abuse.  He is free to walk the streets again and find another young black man to profile.  That angers me.

Sadly, it happens.  The justice system isn’t perfect.  The same thing happened to Casey Anthony.  They couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she deserved a guilty verdict.  Yet, there are some who were angry at her “not guilty” verdict that celebrated last night’s decision by the Zimmerman jury.  The same people who cried injustice in regards to Casey Anthony, found justice in the same system last night.  That angers me.

I am angry.  Writing helps me to let it out.  Yet, I know others will tell me I won’t understand because I haven’t been in their shoes.  Maybe not.  They won’t accept my feelings of injustice with them because of my skin color and that angers me too.  They will see me as “one of them” and keep my anger at a distance, instead of standing side by side.  That angers me too. Then I will respond ignorantly with my fear and that angers me too. We will both hide in our fear and that angers me too.

I am angry knowing that two families are in pain this morning. One family lost a son. One family’s son will be in fear for the rest of his life. Two families have been changed for the rest of their lives and it could have been prevented if we all changed and learned to hold hands instead of anger. Learned to hold hands instead of guns. Learned to hold love instead of fear.  Learned to live in 2013 instead of  1953.  That angers me too.

I am angry.  I am reading about the violence and retaliation in California now.   Violence is not an answer to violence.  Racial profiling is not an answer to racial profiling.   A gun in the hands of violent pasts is not an answer to self-defense protection.  Retaliation is not an answer to “not guilty”.   Blame is not an answer to fear.  Seeing and hearing all of this angers me too.

Last night I prayed.  This morning I pray.   It is not enough, but it is a start.  It is one answer that is worthy of peace, of reconciliation, of thought, of care, of compassion and of action.

Hear this prayer. O Lord, hear this prayer.

Gracious Lord, through the pain of injustice, may we stand and grab hold of the possibility that peaceful action can take place. I pray that this injustice is not answered with violence and judgment, with anger and retaliation; with blame and profile.

Instead may the anger we feel be replaced with a fire in our spirit to stand with Trayvon and walk with him.

May we stand with him and not harm others.

May we fight for him and not against them.

May we find peace and not profile.

May we find strength and not anger.

May we find solutions and not violence.

May we spread spirit and not fear.

May we find love and not hate.

Please o please dear Lord, may it be so.


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