A Blog Post from God, sorta

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you and acknowledge my friend, Jenny Call. She is a wonderful mother who blogs about her life as a mother, minister, wife, woman, chaplain, counselor, friend and everything else she does. She does so much and I am in awe of the person she is and the follower of Christ she models for me.

Her lastest blog post is about her precious and feisty daughter Maryn. She recently turned 5 years old and they celebrated her birthday.  Jenny’s words celebrated Maryn’s life thus far, as the person she is and will become. Oh boy! Watch out world!  I cannot wait to see what she is gonna do and who she is gonna be!! Be prepared.

I want to thank Jenny because she loves her children dearly and she isn’t afraid to share it with the world. More importantly, Jenny isn’t afraid to share how she feels about her children, with her children. I know it’s hard to imagine that a parent wouldn’t do that for their children, but sometimes they don’t and it makes an impact. Jenny writes about IMG_5332her children on her blog and she tells them every day through her love, her actions, and her words, how she feels about them. It’s something that unfortunately some children don’t hear. These words and actions aren’t shared by the mothers to their daughters.  Jenny is the example that all mothers should live by.  Please, before your children grow up, do what Jenny does; tell them how much you love them. Show them how much you love them, about all of them – the blessings and the challenges. Tell them what you love about them. Be specific. Celebrate their spirit, their spunk and even their feistiness. It’s worth celebrating. Celebrate the person they are becoming right before your eyes, before it’s too late. When you do that for your children, while they are still children, it makes a difference. As a teacher I know.  When you don’t do it while they are children, that makes a difference too, even in their adult world.  As a daughter, I know.

For various reasons, I don’t have the ability to write about my children and all they are and who they will become. I didn’t have the same celebratory words and blogs growing up as Jenny’s children do now. Jenny’s words reminded me that it’s not too late to hear those celebrations, from my heavenly parent.  Today I did something I hadn’t considered in a while. When I am struggling with my own identity and insecurities, I write. I pray. I consider what God would tell me, what God has told me, through dear friends.  Those friends who care and speak to me with their words, their actions and their love. God speaks to me through them, or in God’s own way; all of which allow me to feel the celebrations and hear their words.

Yesterday’s journal writing became a blog post from God. Yes, you read that right. I decided to write in my journal as if God were doing the writing. I began with prayer and then started the writing with, “Dear Linda,”.

IMG_9336It sounds a bit strange I know, however it became therapeutic for me. I wrote five pages yesterday and it’s not finished. Apparently God has more to say. I put the pen on my paper and allowed it to go in whatever way it wanted to. It was God’s voice talking to me, sitting at a desk and writing a letter…to me. God knows my thoughts, my insecurities, my pain and my fear and responded to every one of them in this letter.  I hope you can understand when I say that I had no control over what was written yesterday. I just let the paper and the pen speak through the words that God put on paper.

I won’t share all that was written because that’s between God and me. I imagine though you can understand with the hurt and the fears that a child of God might have, reading God’s words makes one feel better and feel more secure in God’s loving embrace. In fact, I felt like Jenny’s daughter Maryn. Imagine Maryn hearing Jenny’s words, the words from a parent who knows what it means to love unconditionally and the beautiful mother who loves every part of Maryn, the good and the uncharacteristic qualities. Just like Jenny, God loves the person you are and the person you have yet to be.  God did the same thing for me yesterday. Through a “blog” in a journal, God told me how much I am loved, every part of me, inside and out. God loves the good in me and the (cough, cough) unique qualities that make me, me. God has loved me through the pain, the fears, the unknown, the tears, the laughter and the joy. God loves me, as a precious child made in God’s own image.

Here is one piece from the entry  I will share.

Remember the children, the precious infants you cared for at the hospital? IMG_0655Remember the one who never took a breath and the print you made of his tiny hands and feet? Remember the one you baptized as she laid still in her daddy’s grieving arms? Remember the 1-month-old going through meth withdrawals and you held him every day, with your secured and loving embrace, your loving words whispered in his ears? Remember the seven-month-old who died in the car accident and you loved her, talked to her and cared for her as one of your own. You carefully prepared her motionless body so her broken momma could say goodbye? Do you remember how I gave you the gifts and the passion to care for those children in the way you care for all the children, young and old, that you meet at bedside?

3 yrs oldLinda, remember the words you said to those precious little ones?

Linda, as I hold you in my embrace I say the same words to you. You are one of my own, my precious child and I couldn’t be more proud of who you are and who you will become.  

Lay your fears and burdens upon me as you allowed those precious souls to do the same with you. Let me wipe away your tears and hear your prayers through them.

Linda, I say the same to you. 

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