Happy Birthday to Me and a Promise to My Dad

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday Dear Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Make My Own Sunshine

Make My Own Sunshine

Doing what I can to make this a happy day for me. I have a couple of appointments. I am meeting up with some folks. I hope to make a special visit for a great birthday hug from a dear soul.  Then some good people are taking me out to dinner.  The plan is to celebrate all week and into the next. As I told another February birthday pal, we get to celebrate all month since it’s a short month.  So, celebrate we will.

It’s February 27th. It’s not only my birthday and people who know me, know that.  I want to make a IMG_9161promise to my dad that I am going to make February 27th a happy day from now until I get to see him in Heaven.  That word “happy” is trying desperately to make it’s way back into my world again. I know God is sending a message and I know Dad would want me to be happy too.  He did what he could to make that possible.  The first memory that always comes to mind is fishing.  Dad and I went fishing to the neighborhood pond, Nags Head, Buckroe Beach, and the river.  I had a bamboo pole in my hand when I was four-years-old.   Not long after that, Dad and I started the tradition of fishing on Father’s Day – just me and my Dad. We would get up early on Sunday morning and make the trek down to Buckroe Beach for the day. If things were a little tough, we would go to Nags Head for the day.  Somehow, we always managed to have a contest to see who could catch the most fish. For some reason, I don’t remember who won the most.  We held this Daddy/Daughter tradition for many years until 1997. On this particular Father’s Day, I went fishing by myself and didn’t catch a thing.  To this day, I swear I heard Dad laughing.

34119_410586482375_508132375_4308202_7667062_nWith that tradition etched in my heart, I will celebrate my Dad’s life on my birthday and do something that will make him smile. And you know what, I just might celebrate my life too.

Dad, I know you are a fan of country music and I imagine you would have enjoyed listening to Trace Adkins and that deep, deep voice of his. However, you know I am NOT a fan of country music – so to leave this tribute for you means something special.  I heard about this song the other week and couldn’t help but think of our fishing trips. I hope you know that I know we were doing more than Just Fishin’.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Dad and Happy Birthday to Me.  Love, your Baby Girl.

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1 Response to Happy Birthday to Me and a Promise to My Dad

  1. Ron Smith says:

    Happy Birthday, Linda. take care and best wishes to you today and everyday.

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