What Amuses You?

What Amuses You?

Here’s to the 31 days of Happiness.   Today is the first day of my 31 Day journey towardssecretsociety Happiness.  Remember I started this journey last week with ‘My Hunt for Happiness”.  The goal I set for the week got delayed with the norovirus however; I still managed to find rest during my little bump in the road.  Apparently, the rest was essential towards the happiness factor.  Go figure.

Today was the first day I got to experience the public since being ill.  It felt good to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air and take in some of the sun’s rays.  I sat for a while in Starbucks and wrote out my prayer to God for the day.  As a part of this time, I wanted to be sure to start on the right foot and pray for what the journey holds, Tuesday, I will be at the library focusing on the job search and working on those cover letters and resumes.  Somewhere, somehow, I will get an answer to the calling that I am being led to in chaplaincy.   I am trying to stay patient.

Monday’s devotional discussed the word amusing.  It asked, “What amuses you?”  We can find a moment, a person, a joke, or even a thought in our mind that can amuse us.  Something can make us laugh or simply feel silly.   I found a couple of moments today that made me laugh out loud.  They might not be something that makes you laugh, but they did for me.  And that’s what counts.

  • I got a text from a friend checking to see how I was doing.  When I arrived at Starbucks, I responded back and said I had this virus then put out the invitation to meet me for coffee. About a minute after I sent the text, I realized I told me friend I had this virus and then said, come see me.  I laughed out loud because I imagined the response being, “Ummm, that’s ok.  I’ll wait to see you later.” Haha.
  • I went to do my normal scooping of the kitty litter box, when I noticed the cat was not around.  “She must be under the bed,” I thought.   I lifted the top of the litter box to scoop and there she was, doing her business.  I laughed so loud and apologized.  Poor thing.  Can’t get any privacy.
  • And lastly, I want to share this video.  I have this duck at home.  During my chaplain residency, I brought this duck to the hospital as part of our morning devotion time.  Afterwards he stayed in the chaplain’s office to provide stress relief for anyone in need.  His name is Ducky and he is ticklish.  Watch the video and you can see why I laugh every time.  Some folks threatened to do bodily harm to the duck, but I guess they just didn’t have a sense of humor. Oh well.  Even if he doesn’t make you laugh, he makes me laugh.

I will ask you the same questions asked of me.  What amuses you?  What makes you laugh?  What makes feel just silly and allows you to let go of some of the emotions through laughter?  As chaplains, ministers, students, or career that can bring stress, including the career of looking for a career, take a moment to laugh.

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