Out of Commission but Still Found a Happy Moment

I’ve been out of commission for a few days.  Apparently I had that newsworthy “Norovirus” that’s been sweeping the nation.  And let me assure you, it hits when you least expect it.  I was fine and dandy Tuesday night.  Then I woke up Wednesday morning and POW, right in the kisser – I mean, stomach.  Holy Take Down, Batman!  I am sitting here looking out the window, wishing I could go to the local cemetery to take photos of this thin blanket of snow that is providing a peaceful cover for these spirited souls. Alas, I have to take small steps to hydrate and get back on track and that means no outside events.  Sucks to be an adult sometimes.  Sucks to be sick and alone too.  Don’t you hate going to get medicine and the B.R.A.T essentials (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) when you are sick?

Enough about that.  I thought it was ironic that two days before I got sick, I had pledged this week as my “Hunt for Happiness” and then this happened.   Oddly enough, in the midst of my illness, I found something that made me happy, and I didn’t have to look far.

My cat Jelly Bean is almost 14 years old and has been with me for that long too.  She made me happy this week.  She always makes me happy, but went above and beyond this week.   With the exception of going to the litter box or her food bowl, Jelly Bean has been by my side the entire time I’ve been sick.   I remember a few years ago in Boston, I had a IMG_0304 terrible virus the week of Thanksgiving vacation.  She was by my side, either on the couch, the bed or the bathroom, the entire time.   This go-around, she laid right beside me in bed until I was better.

Pets are something special.  They know when you are not happy, when you are not feeling well and do what they can to make things right.  Like I said, Jelly Bean has been with me for almost 14 years.  She’s been through a lot with me. She’s been with me through two lay-offs, four years of seminary, five years in Boston, and now, living in the bedroom of someone’s house, wondering again, when my next job will come.  She was with me when I had to put my first cat, Gracie down, after kidney failure.  Poor Jelly Bean couldn’t escape the multitude of squeezes I put her through.    Even though we live in a bedroom now, whenever I enter the house, I can hear her saying “hello” at the bedroom door.  Jelly Bean has been my rock. I just wish I could give her a bigger place to play and call her own again.

jellybeanI thank God for Jelly Bean.  I do believe God speaks through our animals, in ways that no human can.   She has been the constant companion, who’s provided unconditional love and absolutely no judgment whatsoever.  Jelly Bean has been a true blessing.   How many adults can we say that about?

Thank you God, for sending your love and spirit through Jelly Bean.




And A Happiness Update:

IMG_0298My last blog post made someone else happy too!!  Alyssa Bonagura read my blogpost about how her music makes me happy!  How awesomeness is that???!!! And that made her happy and even cry a little.  Please listen to her music and share it.  Please.

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