Alyssa Bonagura’s Music Makes Me Happy


Here begins my Hunt of for Happiness.

The first thing I have to write about is someone who I’ve wanted to write about for a while and couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate her into my writing.  When I realized that I was going to write about happiness, this individual was the first person that came to mind, as someone who makes me happy.  Her music makes me happy and she is probably someone you haven’t heard of.

I have been listening to Alyssa Bonagura since late autumn.  I stumbled across her music when I played this video of a husband who wanted to surprise his wife.   What he did was truly adorable and a loving tribute for his beloved.  The song they danced to was this catchy, happy song, “I Make My Own Sunshine,” which apparently was a tune used in a Lowe’s commercial.  I don’t remember the Lowe’s commercial and I’ve never heard of this artist.  Here is the surprise video, with Alyssa helping out.

I was touched by the gift and testimony this man gave about his wife.  First thing I thought of was, “I hope someone will do this for me for my 50th birthday!” haha.  Then I listened to the song again and simply fell for the tune and lyrics.  I played the video over and over again.  Then as I do, I did my research on Alyssa and found out that her debut CD Love Hard dropped in October and through that music, I heard that Alyssa has a beautiful soul.

She is the daughter of Michael Bonagura and Kathie Baillie of the 80’s country music group, Baillie and the Boys. I got her music off of ITunes and if it were a CD, it would have worn out about a month after purchase.  I LOVE HER MUSIC! I play it a lot.   There is something about her music and lyrics that brings me comfort, spirit and joy.  I have to say that the song, “I Make My Own Sunshine” helped me through some difficult days.   To be “free as a bird singing outside my window pane” is something I want to feel.  Then on those days (weeks) when the clouds cover every little bit of sunshine I crave, I hear these words and pray, “Even if a cloud starts forming on my lovely day, there’s nothing, no nothing, that could stand in my way.”  Then I start to tear up and look for that sunshine and even on the darkest day, I can feel it after hearing her music.  Some days, you can find me singing this as loud as I can, while I am driving.  It’s amazing how I sound just like Alyssa in the car. 🙂

She has more songs that inspire me and one in particular I have been listening to a lot lately.  It’s called “Over the Rainbow”.  It’s speaking to me and giving me hope and inspiration.

You have the choice
You have the time
To have a voice
To make it right
So don’t give in when things get grim
You can make your own sunshine.
Find the truth. Forget the lies.
All you have to do is believe in you.
Over the rainbow
Waiting for you
Is everything,
You’ve ever dreamed of.

I encourage you to listen to her music.  If I could demand it, I would.  I think every person who listened to it will be happier. Download her music from ITunes.  Watch her videos online.  Do the old fashioned thing and buy her CD at the store.  Alyssa has a story and thank God she is sharing it with all of us, through her music, lyrics and heart.

Her story is a testimony that reminds me to look for the rainbow.  Something tells me that when I do, Alyssa Bonagura will be there waiting.  Thank you for making your dreams come true, Alyssa and for making me smile.

Another song, Warrior.  Inspiring.

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