11th Day of Christmas; Time with Extended Family

On the 11th Day of Christmas, my Good Lord gave to me, a wonderful time with friends and family.

Yesterday was a blessing of a day and I am still reflecting on all of it.

coffeeFirst, I got to do one of my favorite things and that was to have coffee and conversation with a good friend. Somehow, we manage to have deep conversations where I always come away with more thought provoking questions than I came with. Yesterday I knew God set up this time with my friend because I needed a big brother who could help me through some things. I needed someone who didn’t judge me but loved me. I needed someone with clarity and objectivity that could talk to me with compassion, as well as listen. He does both of these well. I didn’t realize until after our conversation that this was exactly what happened. God works in wonderful (and sometimes secret) ways to send his love and care to me. I know God does that through dear people, with hearts full of compassion and grace and yesterday’s coffee and conversation was no exception.

That time was followed by a wonderful evening getting reacquainted with another friend and her family. I hadn’t seen them in forever and she invited me over for dinner and family time. When I got there, the girls gave me their biggest hugs. Her family is beautiful. Their daughters are just beautiful. One daughter I’ve known since she was 7 IMG_0222and last night, she was applying to graduate school. How in the world did that happen? The other daughter I held the day after she was born and now she’s in her last year of elementary school. How is that even possible? This family is beautiful. They helped one another to gather around the table for their family dinner. There were no electronics at the table or in the dining area. There were no phones, no televisions, no computers, and no distractions. Somehow they still managed to have a fun, lively, and nice conversation between the four of them and last night, they included me. I didn’t know that was possible anymore. I missed my time with them and I hope there are more opportunities. I’m glad I was a part of it, even though they did keep all the brownies I made for dessert.

God, thank you for yesterday. Christ was at the center of these visits, full of love, warmth, acceptance, compassion and honesty. Somehow you always know what I need and when I need it, and that is your listening and loving presence.

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