10th Day of Christmas; Grateful for Resumes??

On the 10th Day of Christmas, my True God gave to me……gave to me….gave to me,

I cannot tell a lie, I am finding it difficult to find the gratitude in my day yesterday.  Not in a “feeling sorry” for myself type of moment, but with what I had to do and why I am still doing it.  Then I started thinking about folks who have been doing this for a while and I can’t complain.  I need to be grateful.

IMG_0205Yesterday was filled with working on my resume, online applications for job positions and getting some unemployment insurance information taken care of.  I have to be careful or I can let these days get to me like they have before.  You see, I was laid off in 2001 and without a job for almost a year.  When you are without work for that long, and getting turned down for “dream” jobs, it can get to you.  After that year I accepted God’s call to go to seminary and vocational ministry.   But before I accepted that call, I was getting turned down on a weekly basis for jobs and interviews.

I am back at that spot again.  My residency finished in September and I have been searching for my next call for a while.   Yesterday I spent the day doing online searching and tweaking my information.  I took a small break for the holidays and feel guilty about it because I could have made that many more contacts.   But I did what I needed to do.  I’ll let God take care of the rest.

Some things have changed since I was unemployed back in 2001.  Companies are focused on using their online websites to obtain applications and resumes.  At first I thought that would be easier, save paper, be faster, etc…however, the unfortunate piece of this is the fact there are filters through the recruiter’s process and the online system that reject your resume if you don’t meet a specific criteria.  Then, you never hear from them. So I’ve found myself doing double the work because my resume is not getting to the people I want it to get to.  Thankfully I realized that because the interviews I’ve gotten have come from my sending a paper resume to the specific departments, not from the online applications.  Ironic isn’t it?

So what was I grateful for on the 10th Day of Christmas? God is preparing me for something really wonderful.  I had to remind myself of the fact that I am capable of doing some wonderful things for God.  I believe God is leading me in the direction of fulltime chaplaincy.  Working on my resume and cover letters gave me the chance to look back over the years of work, study, and preparation that have gotten me to this point today.  I am a great chaplain, passionate and ready to care for others and be that presence God has prepared me to be.  I just need for others to see that as well and the sooner the better.

Hey, I didn’t say “patience” was one of my strong points.

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