9th Day of Christmas, A Beautiful Family Fun Afternoon

On the 9th Day of Christmas my True Lord gave to me, an opportunity to photograph a beautiful family.


I have to say yesterday was a blessing.  The afternoon gave me a break from sitting too long in my head over some events that happened this week and it was a much-needed blessing.  I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a dear friend and her family.  I met Kristin while I was working as a chaplain at VCU Medical Center.  She is a blueRespiratory Therapist who literally breathes life into people.  How cool is that?  Then I met her two favorite boys when I baptized her beautiful blue-eyed son.

Along with her husband Trey and sweet Cameron, we had a blast on Wednesday afternoon at Carver Elementary School.  I went by the school earlier to scoop it out.  It had rained the day before and I wondered how “nice” the conditions were.  When I got to their house, I said the playground itself was fine, but the surrounding area was a toddler’s dream of mud puddles.  Much to my surprise, Cam-Cam did not immediately jump into the puddles but was more in awe of the surroundings.  He hadn’t been there before and this was his chance to see what it was all about.  Cam was a little overwhelmed at first, but quickly became himself.  He did find joy in the puddles a little later, but not before we had fun on the swings, slide, and exploring.

I had a wonderful time with this family.  They were a joy to photograph and made me laugh a lot, watching Trey’s face when Cameron got on his shoulders and wondering what Kristin was doing behind me to make Cameron smile.  I had a blast and so did they.   In Trey’s defense, the toddler’s pants were a little wet from puddle splashing.

I’ve written before that photography gets me out of my head and focused on God’s treasures.  I did just that yesterday when I witnessed love and joy coming from this family and making a cloudy day (and cloudy week for me) way brighter.  They don’t even know what a blessed day it was for me.  Kristin, Trey, Cameron and my True God, thank you for this day.

Here are a few highlights of the day.
connected HiCameron protector purebeauty purejoy slide wearefamily

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