The 5th Day of Christmas, an Introvert’s Day of Quiet

On the 5th Day of Christmas, my True Lord gave to me, an Introvert’s Day of Rest

Saturday was a day of rest.  For an introvert during the holidays, that doesn’t come often enough.  Take the holidays and the fact that there are about 10 things going through my mind with worry and uncertainty, I needed a day where I was out of everyone’s way, where I could just stay in my room and do very little.   Yesterday was that day.

I hung out with Jelly Bean.  I did a lot of writing.  I colored.  I worked on some applications.  I completed some unemployment information so I can receive benefits.  I watched Duke come from behind and win their 12th game to become 12 and 0 and maintain their no. 1 ranking.  Jelly Bean and I curled up and took an afternoon nap.

But in full disclosure, I IMG_9784have to remind myself not to do that often.  You see, when I do that, I think about the 10 things that I worry about.  I wonder what other people are doing.  I wonder what I could have done better or why I did what I did.  I wonder how dumb and stupid I can be sometimes.  I wonder how long it will take before I get a job.  I wonder how I can stay out of the way.

An Introvert’s Day of Rest is a wonderful gift.  But sometimes it comes at a cost.  I have some work to do.

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