2nd Day of Christmas; Giving to Another Minister

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, I received the gift of paying it forward for a fellow minister.  (The 1st Day of Christmas I am grateful for the gift of the precious child, Jesus Christ.)

When I was serving God in a church in Boston, I had the privilege of coming home to familyRichmond every Christmas morning for a week of vacation.  Oddly enough, I enjoyed flying on Christmas Day.  The pilots would wear Santa Hats and the atmosphere was a little more jovial. Once a Jet Blue employee gave me one of their blue Christmas stockings.  It was hanging at the gate and I shared how much I love the color blue and the sparkly stocking.  It was scary how excited I was to have a blue stocking.  I use it today as my Christmas stocking.  Oddly enough, it is the same blue color as Duke.

Anyway, when I went home for Christmas I didn’t have to worry about my two kitty cats Gracie and Jelly Bean.  The calico and tabby, respectfully, were well taken care of by some wonderful female friends who loved them, brushed them and played with them.  When I had to put Gracie down in 2009, Cindy, Jen, and Carolyn spent extra time with Jelly Bean during Christmas.  It was a wonderful gift they gave the kitties and me every year. (Along with April.)

This year, I get to share that gift with another minister.   It’s a chance for me to give to them in the same way my friends gave to me. I get to take care of their kitties, feed them, pet them, give them lots of treats and scoop their, well you know.  My friend, his wife, and two children get to be with their family without worry over their four-legged fur balls.   As a fellow meow-mate, I am glad he asked me and honored to help his family.

The Advent season is an extremely busy time for ministers.   The days after Christmas Day give ministers the rare opportunity to take a break, breathe a little easier, sleep in a little, and spend more time with family.  I know how precious that time is and if I can help in any way to make it easier, I am happy to do so.

I just pray that I don’t give into the temptation to rearrange everything in his house.  Good thing I like his family.

(Note:  the above photo are my kitty cats, Gracie (left, calico) and Jelly Bean (tabby).  See how happy they are?)

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