A Prayer for Linda

A Prayer for Linda

I am sitting at an undisclosed location doing some reading and writing. Ok, I am at the Bon Air Library.  Been a busy morning already and I am looking forward to lunch with a good friend.  I confessed to this friend and others about my work as a chaplain.  I shared that for the past 16 months, I’ve prayed and provided blessings of comfort, healing, peace, hope and light in their darkness and comfort in their grief.  Those prayers were sincere, real, heartfelt, and directed by God’s words.  Oddly enough, in the midst of praying for the patients, families, and staff, I managed to keep myself from praying for me.   

That’s my confession. As I prayed and blessed others, I didn’t pray and ask for blessings for me. Well, with the exception of  a Service of Healing when dear souls prayed for me.  Otherwise, I didn’t pray for myself.  It’s strange to know that but my friend reminded me that this could happen. Occupational hazard I guess and one I need to work on.

I am on a retreat and about to go away for a mini-sabbatical if you will.  So I want to provide a prayer and blessing for this trip and the work I’ve done over the past 16 months.  Feel free to pray along with me. I could use the support.

To the God of Comfort and Healing

I come before you now, to pray for Linda.  She needs you more than she realizes at this moment. She is tired. She is emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally drained.  Even in the past few days of no more work, she is losing sleep and her anxiety of joblessness, unexpected expenses and concerns over her rest are weighing heavy on her.  Linda needs you Lord, more than ever.  Come be with her now as she looks to rest in your gentle and loving arms.

You are a God of comfort and Linda needs that rest.  She needs to find renewal and spirit that is within her soul.  She needs to find the courage and strength to let go of the worries and anxiety, and allow you to care for her in the way she has cared for so many others.  Allow the blessing she has been for so many, turn and pour down upon her soul as she finds comfort in You, in Your love for her and in Your work to make her whole again.

 You are a God of healing. Thank you for helping Linda through this time as she heals from past pains. Thank you for guiding her to the understanding of letting go of lost dreams and finding healing hope in those who surround her in friendship and love.

Lord, she needs your healing from all that she has witnessed and been a part of these past 16 months.  Linda loves this city. It is her home and she has seen so much pain and hurt. She has been a part of it. Help Linda to decompress, to open up and let that spirit of life flow back within her heart, mind and soul. 

You are a God of gifts and you have given Linda permission to take this time away with you.  Guide her to find rest, renewal, hope and assurance in your calling to her.  Help her to be present. Help her to let go and find that assurance in your care and direction.  Help her to know what you have called her to do, who you have called her to be and where you will lead her path.  Build that trust. Lift her anxiety. Raise her hope. Guide her path. 

Rest Your hands upon her shoulders so she can feel You.  Let her see you in the sunsets, the hope of her friends, the comfort of their hugs, the light of their smiles and most importantly, the spirit of her heart.  You are there.  Let her see what those who know her see.  You are there.  Let her Be, in You. Let her know You. Let her find You.  Let her meet You all over again, not for others…but for herself.

Bless Linda during this time. Let her know what a blessing she has been to so many over these months.  Let her feel the same care that she has given to many.  Bless her heart, mind and soul during this time of rest.  Let her feel that care and spirit too.

We ask this in the name that brings rest for the weary and carrier of her burdens, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.




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