Prayers for a Chaplain

I’ve been working on this entry for a while tonight and realized, why not just put the words out there and let them speak.  So here it goes.

I am honored to be a chaplain, honored and blessed in so many ways.  Every single day chaplains walk into this unexplainable world of suffering and provide a prayer for whatever situation people face.  Chaplains sit beside patients and pray for their struggles, for healing, for comfort from the pain and light in the darkness.  We hold their hands with humbled hearts knowing we just became a part of the lives, even if just for a moment.  God places us in these moments and we accept them with grace and humility.

We are honored to sit beside patients and pray for them and with them every day. The blessings we receive for this work are abundant.  On the other side, you may be able to count the number of drawbacks on one hand.  One drawback I was reminded of today is the fact that it’s not often chaplains will have somebody sit beside them and pray for their comfort, healing, and hope.  We pray but it’s not often we sit still long enough and accept a prayer on our behalf.  It’s an occupational hazard I guess.

The folks of First Baptist, Richmond provided that prayer tonight.  Each month the church holds A Service of Prayer for Healing, for those in need of emotional, physical, or spiritual prayer.  It was a God given time for me; to be able to hear treasured words, see prayers represented by lit candles, sing hymns of hope, and receive a cherished blessing.  I wasn’t going to go forward and ask for prayer because I didn’t feel worthy of it.  I know. I know. Silly me.  Thankfully, God interfered and gave a breathtaking testimony through the words of a humbled soul.  And He added a few words from the book of James to let me know I needed to come forward.  So I did. I knelt down, shared some thoughts and asked for prayer.

It’s 11:30 pm and I can smell the scent of the anointing oil. I can feel the touch of their hands on mine.  I can hear the words and the prayer they shared with me.  And I continue to be blessed by the spirit of their gracious hearts.  Thank you.

For those reading this, I have one small request.  If you find yourself sitting beside a chaplain one day, would you be willing to pray for them?  We say them a lot, but we don’t ask for them often.  We sure could use them though.

I am praying tonight for Chaplain Lynn and her daughter Alyssa, as well as Chaplain Mary Dell and her husband Bill.

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1 Response to Prayers for a Chaplain

  1. rtsmith1951 says:

    Thank you for all you do as a hospital chaplain. Thank you for being there when your patients and their families are suffering from pain and sorrow and need someone to talk to or simply listen to them. Thank you for being the well from which they can draw comfort in their time of need. May you have your own well from which to draw comfort in your time of need. Even with the best of us, our well sometimes runs dry and we need to have it replenished from time to time. Take care.

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