Loving Me Through People

I’ve had a couple of days to rest.  It was the gift of time I gave to myself.  I was able to sleep, spend time with friends, write, and laugh with my roommates.  I also had time to sit and reflect on the past few weeks.  I heard a sermon that reminded me of many things, including how people in your life can shed the light of Jesus Christ, when things are a little dark.  Not only was that sermon a gift of light, but also have the many other moments and people I am thinking about.

The Light of Christ was shed by:

  • Watching my favorite ballerina dance and seeing the surprise and love on her face
  • Walking around Carytown with one who hasn’t given up on me
  • Waking up in Richmond on Christmas Day
  • Spending time with one who has seen me at my worst, heard my irrational thoughts, and still accepts me for who I am.
  • Chaplains’ sense of humor
  • Sushi Sundays
  • Covenants and conversations over coffee, filled with grace and peace
  • Roommates who took me and kitty in and gave me shelter, food, warmth, laughter and grace – without strings or judgment
  • Reaching out to one who helped me through some tough times before, and is ready to do so again
  • Hugs and prayers before worship
  • Hugs and smiles after worship
  • Finding light through my camera and seeing the beauty of Richmond
  • Arianna’s, Crossroads, Kitchen 64, Starbucks and Wasabi – and the company present
  • Unconditional love of the four legged kind
  • The hope and belief that all of these folks have in me, and the love that is felt through and through
  • Hope in the tulips that will one-day bloom on this path

Gracious God, I can’t thank you enough for giving me life.  You hold me in your hands and mold me into pieces of clay that are not yet complete. I have no idea what will be made of these pieces, but am honored that you continue to work in me and through me to make those pieces real.  Oh boy do you have patience in me. I am humbled by your grace and the gifts you have given above.  Those people are gifts and I am blessed by their spirit. Your light comes through them. They are people and moments that fill my cup and heart.  Undeserving of such love, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for loving me through them.  Thank you for loving them.  Thank you for loving all.  Amen.

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