I am Humbled – A Hospital Chaplain’s Prayer

No matter how big the call, no matter how small, you have no idea what God is calling you to do, but God needs you. He needs me.  He needs all of us.  -Fr Mychal Judge (From his last homily, Sept 10, 2011)

I come into these walls,
            Unknown of what the day will hold.
                        Uncertain of where God
                                    Will guide my path.

I have no idea
            Where I will go
                        Or what I will do,
                                    When I walk these halls. 
I know I am called here
            For those in despair,
                        For those in celebration,
                                    And for those in grief.
I am called to be here for You, 
            And I am humbled.
I am humbled by these moments.
            When I enter a room,
                         I am a presence, a healing touch,
                                    A comforting word, or a moment of grace.
I am humbled by these moments.
            When I celebrate life, mourn death,
                        Standing in awe of resurrection and I wonder
                                    How is this even possible?
I am humbled by these moments.
            As I enter these walls,
                        For You have asked me to. 
I come to You this day and ask for your healing touch,
            Your comforting words and your moments of grace;
                        To reassure me, hold me, and provide whatever I need,
                                    So I may be that presence for You.
I am humbled and ask You now;
            Hold me, guide me, and carry me
                        As I enter this day with You.  Amen.

(c) 2011, Linda C. Moore

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20 Responses to I am Humbled – A Hospital Chaplain’s Prayer

  1. Rev. Curtis R. Freed says:

    Rev. Moore :

    I am a hospital chaplain with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI. I especially liked this prayer. I would like to share it with my fellow chaplain colleagues. I would like to color-print the prayer and laminate it to give to the chaplains that I work with. It will not be sold to anyone. I am wondering if I have your permission to do so. Please reply to my e-mail.

  2. Gloria Shull says:

    Linda, this is a beautiful prayer. I am the administrative assistant in the pastoral care department and would love to share it with our hospital chaplains through our newsletter. Would you give me permission to do so? We would print the copyright info and your blog website with it. Thank you for your consideration.

    • educatemoore says:

      Gloria, I am humbled and honored that you would ask to use my prayer. You are more than welcomed to put the prayer in your newsletter. By all means, you have my permission. Thank you. And thank you for the work you do as administrative assistant. I speak for all chaplains when I say, we aren’t able to do our work ministering to others, without you there to minister to us.

  3. Evelyne Castiglione says:

    Linda, I have to do Devotions for our CPE class in a Florida hospital in Daytona, I had written a prayer for the class and then found yours on line, may I please share it with this new group of student chaplains? I will include your copyright and web site. I am also with the local Sherriff dept, as a chaplain and would like to show this prayer as well since we are often called to minister in the hospitals.Thank you

  4. adrian turton says:

    Linda, my name is Adrian from Salford in the uk,
    i have just start to volunteer as hospital chaplain and looking in to my callin to to serve the church and could i use this prayer and share it with a my department and others i am on a course with
    Thank you and God bless
    I would like to say sorry for my spelling but I have severe dyslexia.

  5. Randy Al;lman says:

    May I use your beautiful prayer to open our next spiritual health staff meeting….chaplain Randy Allman

  6. Pam Creech says:

    Hello, I am in a CPE program and was looking for a suitable prayer to share with my colleagues tomorrow during morning meditation and as we have a re-dedication service for chaplains tomorrow as well. Would you mind if I use it? I will definitely include your authorship in the sharing. Thank you! Pam Creech

  7. Thank you! You prayer “I am Humbled” really touched me. I pray the Lords peace continue with you.
    Pastor Larry Elder

  8. Jane Fryda says:

    This is a beautiful prayer. One of my colleagues shared it with me and I went searching for the source and found your blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. In the meantime, I coordinate a meditation email at the hospital I serve as chaplain. May I use your prayer as one of our meditations?

  9. Jaeseok Park says:

    Hey, Linda,
    I am Jay , a chaplain resident at Ohio State University Medical center
    I would like to use your prayer as our department’s morning devotion.
    May I use it with changing “I” to “We”?

  10. Rev Mary Causer says:

    Hi Linda, I am a Hospital Chaplain in England (UK), thank you for writing this meaningful accurate prayer for us. We have given it to our volunteers to say each day they arrive to visit. I hope this is all ok? Once again thank you for your ministry to us. Mary

  11. Adam Gross says:

    This is beautiful. This hospice chaplain needed this right now ❤

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