What Does All of This Mean?

In about two hours, it will be the monthiversary of my being back in Richmond.  I can’t believe it’s been a month and at the same time, it’s been the longest month I’ve faced. There is so much to write about but where do I even begin?

  • What does my camera say about me?
  • Why is it when I look at my storage unit I start to cry?
  • What was it like for me to go back to church for the first time?
  • There is so much more I am learning from my cat than I give her credit for.
  • Why do I feel completely overwhelmed?
  • Trust is an extremely difficult concept to grab onto again.
  • …Come to think of it, so is self-esteem
  • Did you know that Elphaba knows me?
  • Life and Death; Death and Life
  • Healing and Prayer Services
  • What does friendship mean?
  • Grace
  • How do you get self-worth?
  • What am I learning about myself in a hospital bed?
  • How a set of twins managed to teach me all about life and the journey I am on.
  • How did “estamos listo” turn into ¿Estoy listo?
  • What does ¿estoy listo? mean to me?
  • Sacred moments

You can see there is a lot going on in my mind.  I am a bit overwhelmed with all that is happening.  There are amazing aha moments happening and moments when I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

What does all of this mean?  I have no idea what to tell you.

For the past year, this blog has been a ministry of sorts. It’s provided me an outlet to discuss challenges that come with losing a job, being laid off, transition, honesty, and struggles of just getting back on your feet.  I hope it’s been a ministry to those who struggle with the same, no matter how you got there.  It’s been a ministry to all that in the midst of the storm, there is a Light in which we can look up to.

I am still in transition, with a temporary landing back home while I discern God’s plan for what is next.  Some questions have been answered and as you can see, there are many more questions left to work through.  There have been a few surprises, some good and some bad, that I am processing as we speak.  My theology, my foundation, my spirit…my heart, my mind, and my soul are all being challenged. It’s exhilarating and completely uncomfortable at the same time.

What does all of this mean? I have no idea, but at least I am willing to find out.

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1 Response to What Does All of This Mean?

  1. Donna says:

    Hey Linda…you’ll get there…catch your thoughts and keep them sunny-side-up. All is well and you are loved!!

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