May It Be So

It is Saturday.  The people are still reeling from the loss of their Messiah.   Images are concrete in our heads:  the crown piercing into his head, tears of pain falling from his eyes, and the nails penetrating through his worn down and scarred hands.  We thank you Joseph, the one who gently wrapped Jesus’ soul in linen cloth and carried Him into the tomb, his final resting place.

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Did he say that for me?  Did he say that for you?  Am I deserving of those words, that love, that comfort of grace?  Did he go through all of this torture, pain, and death….for me?

Can we be that forgiving?  Can we stand there through the pain, the hate, the torture and the betrayal….and forgive those who have done so against us? Can I forgive?  Can I?

It is Holy Saturday.  Jesus said he would return.  Can I believe Him?  Will it be so?  In the midst of the darkness, the clouds, and the rain…will I see the grace and love of Jesus Christ return soon?

May it be so, for the burden of forgiveness is just too heavy to carry alone.

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