The Second Day of Christmastide

I need to mention the bit of irony in the weather and my current location.  I am in Richmond with 3-5 inches of snow and Boston is digging out of 16-20 inches of snow.  Oh the humor.

I said that during the 12 Days of Christmastide, I would reflect on 12 specific moments when God continues to amaze me with “gifts of moments”.  The moment I am thinking if has been a continuous moment over the past year…and that is the moment of “grace”.

Grace has been a word that I am not sure I know exactly what it means.  And if I did know, I’m not so sure I practice it as often as I ought to.  And if I was certain I knew what it meant, I’m not so sure I deserve it when I receive it too.

God’s grace is simply amazing.  When you least expect it, grace falls right into your lap and you fall right into God’s.  As the Prodigal Child runs away from responsibility, obligations, and promises, God is waiting with open arms to welcome this lost soul home.   You would think that this child would run back with fervor, but that is not the case.  The child is ashamed for running away to begin with and wonders if the open arms of grace are deserved. How can one return to such a world?  What words will be said?  What temper will show?  Will there be love for someone who doesn’t deserve it?

The answers to all of those questions will not matter when it comes to the love and grace of God.  All year long, God has provided grace in many forms: through scripture, through friends, through colleagues, through the children and youth, and through laughter.  What amazes me is that in the midst of this year, I have learned so much about grace; practicing it and receiving it.  However, there is so much more to learn too.  How do you accept it when you don’t think it’s deserved?   How do you let go of it when you know it will never happen in certain situations?  How do you give it when you can’t forget?

Again – there are more questions than answers.  There are more questions than I need to be worried about. And for a five letter word, it’s such a difficult moment to describe for this blog. Thankfully, I am not God and I don’t have to have all the answers.  Thankfully, I am constantly learning and growing through this process called life.  Thankfully, I am loved by a gracious God who has no measurement tool for what it takes to receive God’s grace.  It doesn’t matter to God.  All that matters is that I come home and allow God to love me and cherish me with the loving grace of open arms and a soft voice that says, “welcome home.”

Day Two – Grace. Thank you God for all the many moments that I don’t have the answers, but the willingness to continue to learn.  Thank you for the gift of grace.

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