The Beauty of Simplicity

So I have this fascination with lighthouses.  They bring a deep spiritual meaning for me.  You will learn about the WHY of my lighthouse fascination in my next entry, which will be posted on Sunday.  Today, I want to share something else.

Today, I want to tell you about my favorite lighthouse.  Here are a few numbers first.  Since I began this fascination, I have seen 63 lighthouses in person, including one in Cuba, one in Florida, and one in California.  Massachusetts has 60 lighthouses and I have been to 40 of them.  Yet, I know I am just beginning.  In my home, I am surrounded by 50 lighthouses on display, well not really surrounded.  They are displayed on a couple of shelves and the mantle.  What I try to do is collect a replica for each one I visit in person.  That hasn’t work for every visit, but I try.  Instead, I can look at them and say, “I will visit you some day.”  Wait, that sounds like I talk to my lighthouses.  I don’t, but if you talk to plants…???

People say they can’t pick a favorite song, a favorite photo, or a favorite child, but I can definitely pick a favorite lighthouse.  There is one lighthouse that I have three of. It is my favorite one and it’s one of the first ones I met.  No, it’s not Cape Hatteras but he is a magnificent one.  I t took on his intriguing challenge and climbed those 268 steps to reach the top and won, several times!  I have always admired his height, structure, and stripes from afar. Just fascinating.

However, the Hatteras is not my favorite. My favorite lives on the same coast, just about 2 hours north of Cape Hatteras.  That one would be the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla, NC.  The “main” reason for this will be posted on Sunday, but there is another reason I want to share today.

You know that lighthouses come in all different shapes, sizes, and paint designs.  Their beacons come in different light patterns.  All of them have been designed specifically for the ships to be able to discern which part of the coast they are on. The signal of the light and the color of the tower will give the ships what is necessary to know where they are going.  Currituck’s light pattern falls into a 20 second cycle: 3 seconds on and 17 seconds off and her paint design is just as simple.  She is NOT painted.  The Currituck is a beautiful tower of brick that is distinctive because of her simplicity.  I can climb the 214 steps to reach the beacon and know that the scene I face will be an impressive sight, however, it’s the simplicity that makes her beautiful to me.

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  1. Nice post Linda it was rreally interesting and I really liked it:)

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