Thank You Note to God

Christmas Spirit

This week, I was given the gifts of God-filled conversations in homes, restaurants, and prayer. One such conversation took place over coffee where I received a gentle reminder that we are all children of God, even the ones I am unable to see because of the wall blocking my view.  God amazes me in the grace that comes from those moments, the whispers that remind me of the passions which caress my heart with the love and grace of the child within all of us.  This particular moment took me back to Christmas Eve.

For the Christmas Eve service, I wrote a thank you note to God.  Let it be a reminder for you as it was for me.


Dear God,

We want to thank you for this wonderful gift. It was a glorious sight to see this beautiful child who brings such spirit and life into a world in need. He was born in such a humble place to such a gentle family. You sent this gift to us and we don’t know what to say, for we stand in awe of the grace in which you share him with us.

The gift of this child brings with Him the spirit of many:

  • The child who was a tender surprise and the child chosen by mom and dad
  • The child who can never be born and the child who is a medical miracle

The gift of this child brings with Him the spirit of many:

  • The child that is hungry and the child that will never starve
  • The child that is lost and the child that was just found

The gift of this child brings with Him the spirit of many:

  • The child that was loved for 100 days and the child that lived over 100 years
  • The child that is yet to be born to the child that is within our own hearts

The child born to us this day is precious in your sight and called by the name Jesus. We know that we are precious in your sight God and you have called us by name too. We will do our best not to let you down for the blanket of grace surrounding this child is the same grace that comforts us. We feel that grace in our lives and will share it in the way we share the love of this child with everyone we know and everyone we have yet to meet. The gift of this child is too precious to keep to ourselves. We will give to others in the way you give to us. We will remember the love and care in which you brought him into this world and share that same spirit with everyone near and far.

We are humbled by this gift and will treasure him always. Thank you for the gift of a child.

With love,

Your children

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